About Shagbark
Our Mission- Revitalize. Reuse. Regrow.
Shagbark Properties, LLC is a real estate investment and management company established in 2006. Our mission is to find under-appreciated properties and revitalize them, providing affordable housing and commercial space for families and small businesses to grow and flourish. We concentrate on properties in the communities of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Our Values
Quality, safety and respect are the core values of Shagbark Properties and we incorporate these values into all our relationships, whether itís a community or a single person.

What is a "Shagbark?"
A Shagbark is a type of hickory tree that grows in eastern United States and southern Canada. Shagbarks have scaly, plated bark, the wood is heavy, hard, strong, and has high resistance to shock.

We chose the name Shagbark Properties because we value the strength, resilience, majesty and beauty of Shagbark trees.

Contact Shagbark
Mailing Address
Shagbark Properties, LLC
PO Box 937
Concordville, PA 19331

Phone: 484-887-5000
Fax: 484-887-5000
Email: info@shagbark.com
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